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Whether You're Saving for a Rainy Day or Your Dream Purchase, a Savings Account from City can Help You Save WisEly.

A Savings account can provide an important safety net or nest egg. Whatever the case, City can help you find the savings account best suited for you.

Which Savings Option is best for you?

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Regular Savings Account

A basic savings account that helps you save for unplanned expenses or a special purchase.

Liquid Gold Money Market Account

Perfect for those with higher balances who want higher interest.

Certificate of
Deposit (CD)

A safe way to deposit money and guarantee a return.1

Retirement Account

An FDIC-insured account that provides a positive return for your retirement.

Health Savings Account

Have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? If so, you're eligible for a Health Savings Account from City.

Penalty for early withdrawal, which may decrease earnings.